Therapeutical X-ray systems are the perfect solution for radiation oncology departments with too busy linear accelerators by treating skin cancers, certain types of metastases, providing alternative therapy for numerous types of benign skin lesions and in addition it has very good effect on painful degenerative and/or inflammatory diseases of joints, muscles, tendons.

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Wolf Medizintechnik’s T-300 T-200 T-160 x-ray therapy unit family can be used for superficial and orthovoltage treatments in a range from 15 kV to 300 kV over the whole family range, designed to meet today’s clinical requirements. The high tension / tube current outputs of the tube can be combined with seven clinical filters up to twenty HVL combinations that gives the user the widest range of clinical options.


The therapy unit is controlled by a patient verification system that has been designed specifically for the x-ray therapy unit family of superficial and orthovoltage x-ray therapy systems. The intuitive interface enables quick and easy access to all patient and treatment history data.

Treatment fields can be created quickly and simply with the help of many input assistance reducing the time required for data entry.

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>> T-160
>> T-200
>> T-300
>> Indications

T-105 is intended for use for the superficial x-ray therapy.

The T-160 is a standalone solution, specifically designed for sites with limited space.
The available energy allows the application from superficial x-ray treatment to the orthovoltage therapy.

With its broad energy spectrum, the T-200 system allows the use from the field of superficial x-ray treatment to the orthovoltage therapy. Integral part is a networking verification & record system with powerful functions for treatment planning and documentation - of course, completely paperless. Convenient x-ray-tube-stand solutions, whether 3 - D ceiling mount or ground-based column stand, are to predestine the T-200 as the standard solution for hospitals and practices. A variety of options are to complete the system to an effective therapy unit.

The powerful 300 kV unit provides high dose rates for the orthovoltage-deep-therapy. The choice of "soft" spectra for the superficial x-ray treatment is also possible. The T-300 completes effectively the canon of the clinical practice of procedures in radiotherapy. Integral part of a powerful networked verification & record system for treatment planning and documentation - of course, completely paperless. With the easy to use 3 - D Ceiling Mount also in large treatment rooms, a variety of settings are possible. A variety of options are to complete the system to an effective therapy unit.

  10 ... 100 kV 15 ... 150 kV 20 ... 200 kV 30 ... 300 kV
Indication T-105 T-160 T-200 T-300
01.01. Painful degenerative-inflammatory benign diseases        
Periarthritis humeroscapularis (shoulder joint, shoulder - arm syndrome)   x x x
Epicondylitis humeri (elbow joint, tennis elbow)   x x x
tendinitis, painful inflammation   x x x
Arthrosis deformans Omarthrose (shoulder joint) Coxarthrose (hip joint ) Gonarthrose (knee joint )   x x x
degenerative diseases of the spine Chondrose (narrowing of the intervertebral space) Spondylosis deformans Osteochondrose Spondylarthrose   x x x
Achillodynie (heel spur )   x x x
Myositis ossificans (Muscle Tissue Inflammation)   x x x
Herpes zoster (shingles, chronic pain)   x x x
01.02. dermatological non-malignant diseases        
Psoriasis ( other treatments finished ) x x x x
itching dermatoses, chronic eczema, Psoriasis, benign growths ( haemangioma x x x x
01.03. acute inflammations        
Hidradenitis axillaris ( acute, chronic abscessus of the sweat gland ) x x x x
furuncles in the face x x x x
01.04. hypertrophic processes        
keloid scars (small, younger 6 months) x x x x
prophylaxis against keloids (immediately after the operation ) x x x x
Morbus Ledderhose(plantar fibromatosis = hardening of the sole of the foot )   x x x
Dupuytren's contracture   x x x
Morbus Peyronie (induratio penis plastica) = hardening of the penis   x x x
prophylaxis against gynaecomastia   x x x
heterotopic ossification (hip joint)   x x x
haemangiomas on the body surface x x x x
prophylaxis against pterigyum (fleshy tissue) of the conjunctiva x x x x
01.05. curative irradiation treatment        
Basalioma and spinalioma, ("light skin cancer") x x x x
precancerosesof the skin (Bowens disease, Erythroplasie, Mb. Paget ) x x x x
basal cell carcinoma (basalioma) Squamous Cell Carcinoma spinocellular carcinoma cutaneous T cell lymphoma (Mycosis fungoides) cutaneous B cell lymphoma Merkel cell carcinoma lentigo melanoma Kaposi's Sarcoma x x x x
01.05. palliative treatment options        
skin and soft tissues metastases     x x
superficial local recurrences       x
painful bone metastases       x

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