The credo and aim of our company is to play a mediator role, to connect the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art medical equipments with the end user specialists, physicians and physicists. We are convinced, that our daily activity is inseparable part of the healing activity chain. The equipments distributed by our company work in the optimal configuration, with the maximal operation safety in the hands of highly educated professionals. Our responsibility in the treatments of patients is related to the physicians and other specialists.



Fototronic-gombFototronic Ltd. distributes medical equipments, takes care of its service and maintenance, provides consultancy regarding medical-technology since 2007. The activity of company related to oncotherapy, diagnostic imaging as well as to various field of surgery and to medical IT. The basic element of our professional service is the long experience and high knowledge of our colleagues. The companies represented by Fototronic in Hungary are leaders of their medical-technology segment. As a consequence we are able to provide the tailored, state-of the-art solutions to our customers. Our company operates mainly in Hungary, but we have certain collaborations also with Transylvanian clinics.